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  1. Can you spot the commensal?
  photograph of corkscrew anemone with various other reef dwellers
After all of the uncertainty regarding what is or is not a commensal, try to find in the photograph the organism that is usually considered to be commensal with the corkscrew anemone. Then CLICK HERE for the answer.
  2. Frond-oyster puzzle

photograph of a frond oyster covered with sponge on a gorgonian
This unusual array of organisms includes a frond oyster Dendostrea frons coated with a red sponge, butting up against a growth of fire coral Millepora sp., all of them growing on or being supported by a sea-rod gorgonian Eunicea sp. You can see polyps of the gorgonian stalks in the background of the photo. The quiz involves a test of your understanding of coral-reef symbioses and other interactions such as predation and competition as they relate to the organisms shown.

A selection of interactions is listed in the blue box below. Choose the one from the list that best answers each individual question posed, then CLICK HERE for all answers.

list of interactions for symbiosis quiz

  3. Gorgonian/crinoid-cluster quiz

photograph of a cluster of invertebrates used as one of the symbiosis quizzes in BCCR
Here's a typical-looking cluster of invertebrates that we would see on a dive. It's a boulder coral Montastrea sp. living with several other organisms...
____________________________________ list of interactions for symbiosis quiz

The rules are the same as for quiz #2 above, but the list of relationships is different (see blue box).

Consider the statements posed, then CLICK HERE for answers.

1. Gorgonian grows out of coral.

2. Crinoid lives below the coral/gorgonian.

3. Mycales sponge grows on edges of coral.

4. Red sponge grows on the edges of coral or on the Mycales sponge.

  4. Mystery subject
  photograph of the anus of a sea cucumber
Study the photograph carefully, then decide what it is, and what symbiosis if any is being displayed. CLICK HERE for the answers.

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