Special contributions of video have been made by Andy Stockbridge, Dan Dunlop, and James Constable, and of photographs by Anne Dupont, Mike Hadfield, Linda Ianiello, Ron Long, Steve Pennings, Max Taylor, and Sandra Millen, and I thank them for their generosity.  Each contribution is acknowledged when it appears. Andy Stockbridge contributed over 50 video clips.  He has filmed the underwater world of Belize for many years and has been involved in production of wildlife video's/documentaries with specialisation in the Caribbean region.  Anne Dupont, who contributed over 70 photos, is a diving and underwater-photography enthusiast who lives in Florida.

Special thanks are owed to Cindy Young, an expert in multimedia software and website development (Mousetrap Multimedia), who gave me much useful advice on website creation and use of video-processing software. She also provided many drawings and photographs.

I am greatly indebted to my wife Elizabeth Carefoot, an artist ( and Photoshop expert, who provided hundreds of illustrations, graphs, and cartoons, and gave much helpful advice on design and layout throughout all stages of the production.

- Tom Carefoot