About the Author

photograph of author of BIOLOGY OF CARIBBEAN CORAL REEFS website
I am retired from a 35-year teaching and research position in marine biology at the University of British Columbia, Canada.  My research specialties include the study of a group of marine snails known as sea hares, and I have sought them out in many tropical areas of the world.  I am well versed on invertebrate marine life, most notably on the Pacific west coast, but also throughout the Caribbean, Indo- Pacific, and other tropical areas.  I enjoy talking and lecturing about marine invertebrates, and a few years before retirement was awarded the University’s prestigious Master Teacher Award.  I enjoy sports, but am reduced these days to golf, snorkeling, and some tennis.  I have written 2 books on marine ecology, authored 90 research papers, and have recently produced a large educational website on west-coast marine invertebrates called A SNAIL’S ODYSSEY.  As for Caribbean experience, I lived in Barbados for over 2yr and Jamaica for 1yr, and have visited all but 3 of the major inhabited Caribbean islands.  For 40 years I have been diving and snorkeling on coral reefs including almost all Caribbean ones.  It is these experiences and interests coupled with my large collection of underwater photos and videos that motivated me to produce BCCR.

 - Tom Carefoot

Author diving on a patch reef
in Turneffe Island, Belize